App installation has never been simpler

Weblines’s Web Apps Installer permits you to launch a weblog, a social networking website or a photo album in less than 3 minutes. Immediately after that, it’ll be ready for use – no further configuration is necessary.

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Available Apps

Open Real Estate

Straightforward Application Setup

Installing a web app has always been a problematic activity – you need to search for the latest version, to install it on the web server, to follow a complicated setup procedure, to create databases, to allocate user permissions, to hope that your server has all needed modules, etc. As you can clearly see, this process is quite time–devouring and elaborate. For this reason, we have built our simple–to–use Web Apps Installer.

With our Web Apps Installer, you will never have to download anything. We keep the most recent stable releases of the applications, so all you have to do is click on the “Install" button. What is more, no database configuration is required – we’ll do this automatically on your behalf. And you won’t need to be worried about server compatibility issues either – all the web applications that our company is offering are completely compatible with our cloud hosting system.

In fact, with our Web Apps Installer, all you need to do to install a software application is enter your administrator user name and password. We’ll take care of everything else on your behalf.

Over 40 Applications Are Readily Available

The Web Apps Installer comprises the most widely used web applications on the Internet along with applications that we thought would be useful for Weblines’s users.

Aside from popular apps like Wordpress or Joomla, you’ll find applications like Piwigo – a simple gallery script, Open Real Estate® – an application for real estate brokers, OpenCart – an exceptional shopping cart solution, and many others. At present, we have more than 40 applications and the list is consistently growing in order to match your requirements.

PHP Framework Installer

In the Web Site Control Panel we have integrated a tool for installing PHP frameworks – the PHP Framework Installer. It will allow you to install the newest version of a particular PHP framework in an instant. Just fill in a user name and a password, as well as the URL where you want the framework to be installed. Then click on the Install button and allow a few seconds for the PHP framework to go live.

Our PHP Framework Installer supports these specific frameworks: CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, and YII.

Free Of Charge Website Themes

We’ve created over one hundred free of charge website themes, which are offered for free in the Web Site Control Panel. You can grab a free theme for: Moodle, Mambo, Joomla, WordPress or 4images, and have it installed at the very moment you install your application. Your new website will be launched online with the website theme you have opted for.