We offer you a drag & drop File Manager, which features a list of easy–to–use instruments like a built–in graphic viewer and an array of file editors. You could make rapid uploads, archive/unarchive files, change permissions and far more. The resources are well–organized and very easy to use with large action control keys and right–click context navigation. Find out more about the various apps and capabilities built–in the Weblines File Manager.

Drag–and–drop file uploads

Add files effortlessly

Transferring files between your personal computer and any of your sites is right now simple and fast, thanks to the drag & drop feature provided by the File Manager. You can drag files from your notebook or computer and drop them in the Web Site Control Panel through a secure SSL communication. That’s it. It requires just a few seconds to publish a file and a bit longer for any bigger files and directories.

There is no need to install any third–party computer software or web browser plugins. The drag’n’drop feature built into the File Manager operates equally well on all popular operating systems.

Hepsia File Manager

Right–click context menus

Control all of your with merely a click of the mouse

A large number of File Managers list all the activities which you can perform within a file or directory at the top of the web page. We feel that this isn’t intuitive enough. Using the File Manager, you have access to all file control options when you right–click a file or folder. This approach is also applicable for multiple files/folders.

You can actually rename, copy, move, download, edit, preview, archive, unarchive and delete just about any file or folder you decide on with merely a click of the mouse.

Hepsia File Manager

Archive/Unarchive files

Control archives with only a click of the mouse

The File Manager comes with a built–in archive/unarchive solution to help you to upload large archives and then extract them into your hosting account blazingly fast. When compressing a file or directory, you are able to decide on the title for the archive that will be created plus its extension – .ZIP, .RAR or .TAR.GZ. Additionally, you are able to archive already present folders or files with simply a mouse–click.

The archive/unarchive alternative available from the File Manager will let you handle big files right from your Web Site Control Panel. You don’t need to apply any third–party software for instance an FTP client in an effort to upload a big file to your web hosting account or download any kind of archive in your desktop.

Hepsia File Manager